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Name:Au Hogwarts OOC
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Welcome to [info]au_hogwartsooc! This comm is set up for the RP comm [info]au_hogwarts; all OOC game set up information goes here, as well as recruiting for games or just general chatter.



1) Don’t be a git. This means no godmoding, no uncalled for aggression, no stuffing trouts down people’s trousers without the trousers’s or trout’s permission.

2) LJ cuts are your friend.

3) Adult/edgy/trigger content behind cuts, and clearly labelled. If it develops in a reply to a post, indicate in the subject line and have it so it’s stacked out of sight unless expanded.

4) If a game hits over 1000 replies, start a new post for it. Otherwise, game posts can be created at any time.

5) Individual game posts are welcome to have their own more specific rules so long as they don’t directly contradict the previous ones.

Individual game specific

1) Whoever sets up the AU game post can set up scenario, time period, what have you, and can decide how open it is.

2) The game-starter is also allowed to decide who may join their game if they wish, and any restrictions therein (including, but not limited to, the types of characters)

3) Game-starter is free to decide if continuity is holding over from a previous post, or if it’s a new one, or a one-over.

4) Feel free to start a thread in the OOC comm to pair with the game to make some sense of what’s going on and list who’s involved, and any other things that would be needed to be kept in mind.

5) Posts should be tagged with the following: Characters involved, time period and era, setting, and game name.

Games that gain a large enough following will have links to their main information post at [info]au_hogwartsooc added here.


1) OCs are allowed.

2) Canon characters are allowed.

3) Harry Potter characters are allowed.

4) Multiple iterations of a single character are allowed, however, it is up to whoever is setting up a game post if they’re going to allow for more than one iteration of a character in that particular game.


You only need to send an app once.

When apping to the community, send the following information here after joining [info]au_hogwarts and [info]au_hogwartsooc with your accounts.

1) Your main personal LJ.

2) Your email address.

3) Your AIM handle.

4) Personal handle.

5) The character(s) you are applying for, with full name and fandom where applicable

6) The main journal you will be using to post with; if you will be using multiple accounts, please note them as well

7) A writing sample between 500-1000 words. It may be split into however many different pieces as you like, making for a few smaller samples or one large one.

Note: Each player only needs to app once. You can app with one RP journal for all your characters, or a number of pup journals but include all journals you are planning to join with in your app. If you want to add journals later, send us an email mentioning them after you've added them to the comms.

Apps to individual games will be handled by the game-starter in the OOC post for that game- the mods are not in charge of individual games (unless they started them).
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